Native Animals!!🐸🐺🦈🦎

Hello its Dante and Lewis back with some more info about one native animal in Brazil.

The animal we are doing is the Pink Dolphin. Here are some interesting facts about this animal.


The Pink Dolphin lives in the amazon and is one of the largest river dolphins in the world. our next unique animal is the poison dart frog its a carnivore and lives in the center of the amazon rain forest. even though the name suggest the frogs are toxic majority of them are not toxic. The next animal we will be looking at that is native to Brazil is the seriously slow three toed sloth! the three toed sloth is a herbivore and spent most of there life in the trees rarely coming to the ground, they move only  2 meters in a minute. the last animal we will look at will be the maned wolf. the maned wolf is not actually a wolf nor a fox! and last fact when their born they have dark brown coats when their born. 

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Hello readers Dante and Lewis back here with some more information.

This time will be telling you about some of the amazing and wonderful foods, cultures and celebrations! first up one of the awesome foods is the unique, Moqueca. How to pronounce Moqueca is called Moo-kek-a.The ingredients in the delicious dish are, fish stew, prawns, diced tomatoes, onions, coriander, pepper, palm oil, coconut milk, rice and Pir“aol which is a spicy fish.

Now we will tell you about the most believed in culture in Brazil, Catholicism. In has been the main religion since the 16th century. 

Lastly we will tell you some celebrations in Brazil. There are Xmas on the 25th of December, Rio Carnival on the 29th of February and Easter on the 11th of February

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Dear Readers,

It’s Dante and Lewis back here and we’ve got exciting news!

We finally have arrived in the beautiful Brazil! We are most excited and it is so much fun!

We would like to tell you some info about the climate. The climate is Tropical which means is is hot and humid and there is only one season in the year. The Amazon Rainforest is one type of tropical area in Brazil. The temperature is basically the same all year round.

We also made an excel graph to compare Melbourne to Brasilia’s weather temperature for the month of October!

The weather in Brazil right now is wet and rainy because it’s tropical. The clothes we will be wearing are shorts, a T-shirt and a hat and lots of sunscreen, with comfortable shoes!

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Dear Followers,

Hello followers its Dante and Lewis here to tell you about the flights to Brasilia the capital of Brazil!

We are starting at the Melbourne Airport to Santiago International Airport which is stop number 1 and that would take 14 hours and 20 minutes! We bumped into our friends Tom and Cam who are going to Argentina and our other great friends Sara and Adele who are staying in Santiago! Then from Santiago we will fly to Sao Paulo Airport which will take 4 hours 10 minuets. Then we will fly straight to Brasilia that would take 1 hour and 45 minuets. The total of all that traveling will be 41 hours!!

The airline we will be taking are Latam airlines. We have never been on a Latam airlines plane so we will be excited! Also on our first plane we will have TVs so that will be exciting!

Here is a photo of Melbourne to Brazil!

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Hi there readers,

It’s Dante and Lewis back here to give you some information about the wonderful Brazil!

First we will compare Brazil’s population and Australia’s population! And Brazil has more population by a most significant 186,340,345! Brazil’s population is 211,664,136 as we said in our first post!

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Now we will compare the land size of Brazil and Australia! Brazil has 8.511 million km² and Australia has 7.692 million km²! Now we will do the math’s. Brazil has 0.819 thousand km² more than Australia in land size!

Now we will tell you Brazil’s currency! Brazil’s currency is called Brazilian Real and Centavos. Real is the dollars like what we would say and Centavos is what we called cents.

Lastly we are going to tell you were Brazil is located. it is located in the southern hemisphere! Click Here to View!  

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Dear readers,

This is our first time blogging and we are learning so much already! We’re Dante and Lewis and right now, we are getting ready to go to the bright and beautiful Brazilian airport, on a journey to the biggest country in South America.

We would love to tell you about amazing Brazil and plenty of cool information, when we get there.

We are flying to Brasilia, the capital city of Brazil and the population is a massive 211,664,136 million!

Brazil is located in South America, north east of South America! Check out this link to see a map of South America and see if you can spot Brazil!

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I hope you enjoy following us on our spectacular journey to the one and only Brazil!

This is Dante and Lewis, signing off!😎😄😉